SAT MicroSystems is all about innovation, the company found its roots in 2003 and it has taken a leap into the world of success ever since. The business world has overseen a transition from manual work to everything being operated and carried out with the help of IT. In the last decade or so, it has been done in an even more rapid pace and today we have almost every business inextricably interwoven with IT; and that is exactly where the need for our services arise.

We as a company take a great deal of pride in saying that we have always been able to exceed the expectations of our clients with all the services that we have provided over the years. The success that we have enjoyed could quite possibly be attributed to the passion that we have for what we do as a company and a team.

The senior management and the staff all put the customer’s wishes first and that is why we have been able to be on the same page with almost every client that we have worked for. We provide services for almost any business solution. Be it the web and mobility services or business management processing, we can handle everything quite conveniently and with A quality work.

To help our client in the most efficient manner, we make sure that the IT solutions created by us are simple and they should only add utility instead of being complex. SAT MicroSystems’ mission is to simplify IT and to make it efficient and reliable for our clients.

In order to be able to help our clients with any kind of rare complication; we have a dedicated customer support system that can be accessed 24/7 and our experienced staff helps you in solving the problem.

With a whopping 92% positive feedback, we are one of the most trusted IT service providers for many elite companies. What we value the most is the trust that our valuable clients have vested in us for years and we intent to keep it this way by continuing developing ourselves and exceeding their expectations.

Our History


Our Birth

SAT Microsystems established in 2003 in India to serve its US based customers by inaugurating its first offshore support center. It has taken a leap into the world of success ever since.


Expansion in Saudi Arabia

The expansion in 2009 was the manifestation of the fact that we were on road to being the next big thing. The company started its services in Saudi Arabia with its managed IT services portfolio. The success that we have enjoyed could quite possibly be attributed to the passion that we have for what we do.

IT services in Riyadh

Expansion In Middle East

It is not every day that as an IT company you expand your reach in Gulf just after 2 years of a major expansion but we were able to accomplish that too when in 2011 we began providing our services in Kuwait and Oman. Not only this, SAT also inaugurated 3 ITIL compliant service centers in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.

IT and BPO in africa

Two years later

Being an ambitious and a company with vision to become a global leader, it was only common sense and preferred course of action for us to explore new markets. We did just that by starting operations in North Africa through base in Sudan in 2013.


Year Of New Businesses

IT industry is all about creativity and coming up with new and efficient means to serve the clients. We did that in 2014 by doing the following:

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