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Customer Service Outsourcing

We provide 21st-century “contact center” that fully integrates online, mobile and land line communications, whether inbound from customers, outbound from the company or both. How much or how little integration is up to you.

Customer care outsourcing services can include monitoring and managing email, voice, real-time chat, fax, website orders or queries, IVR (interactive voice response) menus, mobile SMS, call routing, multimedia queuing, automated callbacks and more. That’s 24/7, so multimedia orders or complaints after hours are covered, too.

We help you to increase Profitability and Customer Satisfaction with reduced Complexity and time.


Offerings – Customer Service

SAT helps business of all sizes and from all industries by delivering superior quality inbound and outbound call center service programs. Meeting the needs of even the most sophisticated Customer Care outsourcing requirements, we customize our services to effectively deliver a comprehensive communication program designed to achieve your specific end-goals. Using the latest technology such as email, web chat, text messaging, social media and IVM/IVR, as well as more traditional means, we are able to effectively communicate with existing and potential customers to deliver the desired results in the areas of Customer Care outsourcing.

Out-bound and In-bound Services

(Email, Voice, Messaging, Social Media)

  • Telemarketing services
  • Customer support
  • Lead generation services
  • Appointment setting services
  • Database services
  • Market intelligence services
  • Direct mail follow-up services
  • Product sales
  • Customer satisfaction surveys


Benefits of Our Service

There are numerous benefits you will get out of our services. Some of them are listed below:-

  1. Cost Savings:We optimize your current operations cost in some cases up-to 70% with increased efficiency. One of the major reason behind it is the skilled resource availability at low wages. We pass on that benefit to our customer for cost arbitrage.
  2. Quality Services:We provide excellent quality service by adapting 6 Sigma and other global standards. Our experience with other customers in customer care help’s to excel the service delivery to the next level.
  3. Access to Specialized Skills: We have readily available specialized staff to manage almost all type of tasks related to customer care. Our training programs and tie ups with institutions further help to nurture the right talent. We are fully scalable on short notice to address any load spikes during the year such as high calls during festival time.
  4. Contractual Obligation:We commit SLA’s to our customers based on your own SLA’s with your clients. We abide and improve on the norms by improving YOY.
  5. Staffing Issues:We help your business avoid entire headache associated with recruiting and hiring staff for such non-core function.