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Work-Space DR

Work-Space Disaster Recovery

Your office may be down but with SAT Workplace Recovery, you’re not

Every company has unique needs. Our facility caters to all requirements whether its for continuing business in case of disaster or balancing a spike load for any company from our facilities.

Our facilities are configured to meet your work-space requirements. All of our disaster recovery services are fully testable.

  • Work-space for 30 users Per customer
  • Conference Room with video conferencing facility
  • Personal workspace with chairs and Desk
  • Desktop/laptop with peripherals
  • Office Network printer
  • VoIP phone system with customized Welcome message
  • Security camera Surveillance
  • High Internet bandwidth with secured WiFi

Other Facilities:-

  • Fully equipped Pantry with assistant
  • Rest rooms and shower area
  • Hotels and customized accommodations near by

Shared Workspace  – Same work-space or facility such as meeting room can be shared among different customers based on the time and convenience. We pass on the cost arbitrage for our shared facility to the customer.

Dedicated Workspace – Every customer is provided with its dedicated work-pace with all facilities.

Data-center DR

Data-center Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) encompasses the procedures, policies or processes that prepare an organization’s vital IT infrastructure to effectively recover from natural or human-induced disasters, and ensure business continuity.

We cover following areas

  • Servers & Storage– SAT provides Remote or collocated DR solution for small to medium enterprises. Creating parallel virtualized server environment to the main Data-center along with live replications is some of the key features. These virtual environment having servers and storage can be used for disaster recovery planning as well as load balancing.
  • Networks– Providing DR for Critical IT hardware including network infrastructure, desktop or laptop computers, wireless devices, and peripherals
  • Connectivity– Seamless switch-over for Service provider connectivity
  • Applications– Complete DR for Enterprise software applications
Country Level
Hybrid DR
Cloud DR
Country Level

Country Level – Disaster Recovery

SAT is providing Disaster Recovery with in or outside the customers head quarters.

DR location can be in same country in different city or in neighboring countries or in India.

Hybrid DR

Hybrid Disaster Recovery

Providing Disaster Recovery services on shared or dedicated basis based on the customer requirements.

  • Small companies shared Data-center Disaster Recovery services
  • Shared work-space Disaster Recovery for compliance and continuity
Cloud DR

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Providing Cloud based Data Recovery for Data-center

  • Servers hosted on cloud with live replication
  • Software as a service for off the shelf applications