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Data-center Monitoring and Management

Data Center Services – achieving more efficient and agile data center performance that leverages greater automation and enables enhanced responsiveness in delivering business services to end users

Database Services – thoroughly defining database design to implement individual and integrated solutions that streamline data management and strengthen your ability to deliver foundational data to your information system users

Messaging Services – implementing enterprise messaging solutions to reduce administrative costs, provide a more robust disaster recovery solution, simplify backup and restore procedures, and install and migrate accounts to the best-suited messaging system for your specific environment

Networking & Telecom Services –applying expertise to enable mobile access and devices, and bringing hardware and software together to build a reliable foundation upon which emerging applications can be developed

Security Services – matching your security goals and needs with our effective practices, technologies, and services to test and secure specific applications and systems or to define your internal and external security postures

Storage Services – performing in-depth evaluations of current storage methods to optimize your storage environment by ensuring storage tiers are used correctly by applications, capacity allocated to servers is used appropriately, replication is used properly, LUNs are aptly mapped/masked, and capacities are suitable for projected growth

End User Services

End User Management

  • Provide End to End Support to Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners
  • Supporting Users by providing a timely and clear indication of the nature of the problem, the estimated time to completion, and possible interim alternatives;
  • Diagnosing, verifying, recording and reporting Equipment and System non-performance or downtime
  • Coordinate with hardware support teams and ensure replacement / provision of standby for the failed hardware system / component
  • Centralized Helpdesk Management
  • Collaboration Support
  • Vendor Management

ITIL Services


  • ITIL Documentation and Processes, Designing and implementing ITIL processes and documentation based on the organizational requirements.
  • Auditing and reporting, Periodic ITIL audit to comply with organizational norms. Generating reports as part of ITIL MIS. and performing analysis for proactive support.
  • ITIL Support, Providing support for Datacenter and other technical serviced including end user by following up ITSM standard.
  • Customising Software, Customizing software as per defined processes and ITSM requirements.

SAT Microsystems bundles ITIL services as part all its deliverables.