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Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our managed security operation system offers reliable security management with logging, incident response, firewall management and threat intelligence. We have both operational and capital model for SOC operations.

Proactive Incident Monitoring

  • 24*7 integrated monitoring of all components and global threats
  • Threat correlations, segregation and trend analysis
  • Well established and documented procedures
  • Reporting and Coordinating security vulnerability fixes
  • Live dashboard with threat meters

Incident Response and Recovery

  • Threat investigation and analysis
  • Fixing vulnerabilities and recommending solutions
  • Reducing risk and perform regular audits
  • Structured processes to avoid chaotic situations
  • Provide right training and resources to onsite teams

SOC as a Service

  • Go live within a week through SOC
  • Incident monitoring and response
  • Dedicated trained security experts
  • Save capital with our best-managed security solutions

Co-Managed SOC

  • Maximize the value of SIEM
  • Customized and advance SOC proficiency
  • Enhanced operation effectiveness with our best-proven processes
  • Dedicated trained security experts

End Point Security

End points are the most targeted by cyber criminals. Get enhance security for your IT infrastructure from our managed end point security services.

  • Providing multi-layer End point protection
  • Apply latest definition and patches across
  • Automated endpoint detection and response
  • Investigate and corelate any unwanted threats
  • Dashboard with real time view

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations are constantly evolving, get updated with the right certification to meet the technology infrastructure regulatory standards.


  • Analyzing and Implementing swift compliance requirements
  • Helping organizations to achieve compliance
  • 24*7 Monitoring of swift environment
  • Simplifying access management (LSO/RSO)
  • Providing quick technical fixes and suggestions

ISO 27001

  • Analyze business needs and establish ISMS framework
  • Systematically implement ISMS processes
  • Simplifying and reducing risks
  • Measure security performance and audits
  • Ensure continual improvement of ISMS

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