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A trusted next-generation top IT company in Middle East and Central Asia

Customer service excellence

SAT Microsystems is a customer service company, and people love us for the exceptional customer experiences that we deliver.

Our Commitment to accomplish our core values and our passion to achieve customer’s business’ goals has transformed us into one of the next-generation technology companies globally.

For SAT Microsystems, our employees are an integral part of our client-business strategies, which is one of the factors that contributes to help us deliver customer-centric solutions. Geographic barriers do not limit us from reaching out to our clients worldwide. We serves clients across the globe, supporting multiple nationalities and languages.

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17 years in Information Technology

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100+ projects delivered

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serving 9 countries

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98% repeat business

With over two decades of professional experience and expertise, our products, services, and technology are built around the principles of risk-taking, innovation, and value-addition, focusing relentlessly on weaving seamless customer experiences. We adopt industry best practices to provide your enterprise with scalable and state-of-the-art technological solutions. Ultimately, we aim to help businesses to grow by delivering the customer-centric services.

With our unprecedented expertise as a IT service providers, we have come up with ways to manage and maximize IT infrastructure. As your organization tries to reinvent itself, a number of new technologies, including analytics, cloud, internet of things (IoT), automation, digitization, and others form your enterprise’s core. We are all set to help future proof your business in a way that your clients expect.

As you reinvent your business wheels in the digital age, we help your enterprise strategize and develop sustainable IT solutions to offer your clients with resilient services. We adopt industry best practices to provide your enterprise with scalable and state-of-the-art technological solutions. Ultimately, we aim to help businesses deliver customer-centric services.

Our Progress


  1. Foundation of an innovation

    SAT microsystems is built on the concept of ‘innovation’. With our first operating center being launched in India in the year 2003, we were focused on serving US customers. Ever since we had no turning back a

  2. Operations center setup in Saudi Arabia

    Six years later, we realized it was time for a breakthrough – thanks to our loyal base of customers for supporting us in all our ventures, we decided to expand our services to other parts of the world. In 2009, we opened our first Middle East Operations Center in Saudi Arabia specializing in managed IT services and outsourcing sevices.

  3. Breakthrough expansion

    Soon, in the year 2011, we started expanding our reach to several locations, including Kuwait and Oman. Alongside this, we also set up three ITIL-complaint services in Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah and become one of the top IT solution provider.

  4. Operations center setup in North Africa

    In the year 2013, we started our operations in North Africa and have soon become one of the Top IT technology company

  5. Launched disaster recovery facility

    In 2014, we launched a disaster recovery facility in Riyadh, focusing clients in the Middle East. We also introduced business process outsourcing (BPO) for the Middle East and Central Asia.

  6. Launched our NOC and SOC centers in Kazakhstan

    In the year 2016, we started our operations in Kazakhstan, by launching our NOC and SOC centers as a key IT solution provider.

  7. Operation center setup in Bangalore

    2019, we set up our second operation center in Bangalore, India.

Our Core Values

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Our integrity revolves around our value which is combined with the positive and professional approach of our people molds our reputation. No one goes for short cuts nor do we encourage to bend rules. The zero-tolerance rule has always been a part of our integrity policy. Your privacy matters, and we and our staff are bound to safeguard your confidentiality.

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Innovation and Collaboration

To behold the values that we offer as part of our relationship with our clients, we emphasize the importance of collaboration between our clients and our expert teams. When they are all headed in the same direction, we get more knowledge and ideas, which help us add value to the services we offer. With the introduction of new ideas, we pave way to innovation.

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Customer is our king

We strive effortlessly to deliver the best and high-quality solutions to our customers. Our team of experts always believes in going the extra mile ahead of what is expected to deliver more than what was requested of us. we encourage our employees to think big which has led to the origin of innovative ideas.

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We believe in an open communication helps understand the client’s business requirements well to remove all kinds of communication gap between the client and our teams. We provide our teams and clients a professional environment, where both can listen and share ideas, and finally come up with ideas that works.


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