Automation is everywhere !

September 29, 2022

Automation is everywhere !


Automation Technology Is Language Of the Era! 

Have you ever asked yourself, why, especially in the year 2022, many businesses are embracing automation in their business?  

In 2022, Automation becomes essential in the business world, especially with the macroeconomic volatility.  

80% of businesses cannot implement automation because they think it’ll increase debts eventually, which may be true.   

However, a well-executed automation system will help the business in rapid growth and keep up with nowadays technology.  

OXFORD ECONOMICSAccording to Oxford Economics, faster adoption of automation will rapidly increase the global economy by $4.9 trillion in 2030.  

But do businesses really need to adopt automation? 

FIFA 2022 AUTOMATIONIn 2022, Fifa officially announced the introduction of new automation technology.
Due to many mistakes made in previous years, the player’s movements are displayed to facilitate and clarify the call of the referees.  

This is one piece of evidence that shows that every single sector could benefit from adopting automation.  

While we all notice a rapid change during the last pandemic where people shift from in-shopping to online shopping which created pressure on the logistic firms. As a result, the volume of items moving in and out of warehouses and to consumers is unbelievable.  

It’s simple to see why business board members are concerned about the automation nowadays.  

But what makes decision-makers hesitate in automation?  

A study conducted by Salesforce showed that 91% of CIOs and decision-makers are struggling with employees’ insistence to embrace automation in work. Companies know the asset value of automation; however, a question remains on top of the minds of decision-makers: How can they successfully employ automation for business growth?  

Using automation will help for sure to reduce human errors and increase production efficiency. However, automation is not a group of robotic arms, it’s the norm of every daily and routine task from automatically filling out forms to calendar synchronization.  

So how can you embrace automation at your work?  

Back then, only large companies could get used to processing automation. Thanks to the new algorithmic technology, every size of company now could automate its work for more productivity, efficiencies, and –above all profitable enterprise.  

First, you must select carefully which task will you automate. 

Selecting the right task to automate will save you both time and money. First, understand how does automation work and what’s capable of ? For instance, translation automation tools are not useful for many businesses, so why invest in them?  

All you want to automate is a repetitive task, time-consuming, and easy for the algorithm to handle 100% of it without any input from you.  

Second, chose the best automation tools for you. 

Once you selected the task you want to automate, all you have to do now is to look for the best tool. Many companies are providing automation platforms you can choose among them or contact IT service provider companies for this kind of support.  

Third, set your target.  

The main goal of automating your task is to increase profits. After adopting automation, you’ll find your employees stuck with added free time, you’ll have to think carefully about it. Automation is not made to create a laziness environment.  

So, before putting any automation workflow, make sure to build a strict plan to meet your target and build a strong KPIs measurement.  

Forth, create an automation workflow culture.  

After adopting automation you’ll find it a state of mind rather than just a technology. Things will seem different; you’ll start to think I can automate this and that.  

This is the culture you should create across your entire team.   

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