Project Quality

March 25, 2020

Project Quality

Architect and Maintain Large Active Directory environment

  • Define technical tears for AD and member servers and PCs for IT administrators.
  • Defined and produced documents to control users, group access for all computers and servers through group policy.
  • Created proactive notifications for all relevant administrator staff.
  • Implemented AD, members servers and file servers Auditing.

Customer Highlights

  • Complex environment for architecting the new solution.
  • No redundancy for databases.
  • Tight implementation timelines with zero.
  • Downtime expectation of live servers.
  • Outdated applications and poor security in place.
  • More than 3000 users and 500 servers in Active directory.
  • Revamp the whole AD environment.
  • Define policies and complete AD documentation.
  • Implemented proactive monitoring.
  • Redefine security across AD and meet.
  • Microsoft recommendations.
  • Provided state of art documentation complying with ISO standard.
  • Implemented advance monitoring for Active Directory with external tools.
  • Implemented Microsoft AD security standards.
  • Define new nomenclature and structure for Active directory.
  • complying with Microsoft recommendations
  • Architected and maintained 9 remote sites AD servers.
  • Created new security roles and AD delegations for critical team.
Project Efficiency
Project Efficiency
December 23, 2019
Project Complexity
Project Complexity
March 25, 2020