Let’s share a few companies that got cyber attacked this last week!

September 20, 2022

Let’s share a few companies that got cyber attacked this last week!

cyber attack

Avoid becoming a cyberattack statistic!  

Building a cybersecurity base is very important to all businesses, and to prove that we’ll share a few companies that got attacked this last week! 


Uber has experienced a significant cyber breach with an 18-year-old reportedly gaining access to the tech giant’s internal systems and databases after tricking an employee.  

 Uber is a technology company! 


US Government

FBI charges three Iranians in cyber attacks targeting local US governments, and power companies!


Intercontinental Hotels GroupsCyber Attack on IHG Impacted Hotel Booking System and Mobile Apps; Exposes Unknown Quantity of Data, Causes Extended System Outage



Australian Government


Hackers created a fake news website to harvest data from Australian government officials, journalists, and others, according to a top US security company. 

Every company and every industry is faced with cyber threats, sometimes a small healthcare institution, sometimes a world-famous giant company is facing these threats! 

According to 2022 cyber security data, the cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach 10$ Trillion by 2025  

So, what can you do to prevent cyber-attacks?  

  • Keep your software and systems up to date. Often, a cyber threat occurs because there is a weakness or a flaw in your systems.  
  • Ensure the endpoint protection network is enabled. People use different devices and it’s all connected to a network; you must make sure the security path of your network is secure. 
  • Control access to your systems. Installing a perimeter security system is a good technique to prevent both cybercrime and break-ins! 
  • Implement access management. Having a managed admin to what employees can install on the company devices will reduce attacks for sure.  
  • Use Two-factor or multi-factor authentication. This option provides an additional security layer to password usage, such as an identification code.  

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