Finance Industry IT Solutions

Financial services firms must comply with a wide variety of IT security standards and regulations, resulting in audit fatigue, errors, and oversights in compliance reporting. They’re also among the most visible targets for cyber-attacks. That is why banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and others rely on the information security assurance provided by SAT Microsystems Services & Solutions.

It is possible for SAT Microsystem information security professionals to assist you in assessing your current cybersecurity environment and making ideas for improvement, as well. Engineering and operations for new security capabilities, as well as penetration testing, are part of the service.

In addition to cloud and on-premises IT systems, our cyber security experts are qualified in both.

Using wireless and mobile technologies, the financial services business is able to provide the information and applications that clients and employees require. In order to develop, implement, and operate enterprise wireless networks that meet all budgetary requirements, SAT Microsystem secure mobility consultants are available to assist you.

Our Happy Customers in the Financial Services Industry : ISDB, Najm, Quara Holding, Al hilal bank, Salama, Saudi Enaya, Abdul Latif Jameel and more…

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