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AI, Automation and IoT Services

In the transformative age, IoT and 5G have changed the face of digitalization. We implement IoT in real time to connect the virtual and physical worlds, thereby creating intelligence. Our AI services and infrastructure automation solutions helping customers worldwide.

We have an experienced team of digital and infrastructure automation experts who help you to set up solutions (assisting you from the pilot phase till the production). Our team of experts apply world-class AI solutions which include natural language processing, machine learning, automated speech recognition, image recognition, visual identity, text to speech, thereby helping their businesses grow.

At SAT Microsystems, we help develop and deploy enterprise-based IoT solutions, AI services, product development, and big data operations. We have already served a number of clients across the globe with our smart products that are reaching millions of customers.

AI, Automation and IoT Services Portfolio

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Catalog Automation Service
Microsoft Azure Cloud services blue icon
Routine Tasks and Activities Automation
Cloud Advisory Services blue icon
Robotic Process Automation (implementation and support)
Chat bot blue icon
Chat bot Implementation
Managing IT sensors (entire life cycle)
Managing IT sensors (entire life cycle)
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Business intelligence (BI)

Business Value

With our state of the art AI, infrastructure automation, IoT services and robust partnerships, we ensure you get the following benefits:

  • 40% Better allocation of the workforce both at the business and IT side
  • Drastic Reduction on human errors though infrastructure automation
  • Opens the door for new business opportunities through intelligent analytics
  • Real-time analytics that helps detects the problem
  • Reduce resource dependency drastically (replacements, vacation etc) including trainings.
  • Get deeper insights into the business process and bottlenecks
  • 30% improved and Efficient Workflows including task management
  • Significantly reduce capital and operations Cost year on year
Ai automation services benefits

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