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Cloud Services

SAT Microsystems provides excellent cloud migration services that alter your IT and your business. Forget about modifying and migrating existing apps to run in the cloud.

Our cloud migration services help you replace workloads with cloud-based apps. Cloud migration, advisory, and support professionals can help you effectively engage with IT, increasing your business solutions. Our cloud and advice services can also help you plan for hybrid cloud operations to meet the growing demand for digital transformation. Our client leverages cloud migration to access digital transformation technologies like IoT and AI. This can help expand business cases to boost productivity and provide excellent customer service.

Cloud Services Portfolio

Microsoft Azure Cloud services blue icon
Microsoft Azure Cloud services

1. Management of virtual machines

2. Management and deployment of applications

3. Network and Firewall administration

4. Virtual environment monitoring

5. Cloud environment automation

6. Management of the Security Center

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Office 365 Cloud services

Implementation and Management services :

1. Teams and Skype for business
2. One Drive
3. Exchange Online
4. Office 365 Security

Cloud Migration Services blue icon
Cloud Migration Services

1. IBM Notes/Exchange to office 365 migration

2. Create a scenario for coexistence.

3. Using transformation to migrate on-premise features

4. Separate tenants construct

5. Software licenses for migration

6. Migration of all users

7. User awareness and end-to-end training

Cloud Advisory Services blue icon
Cloud Consulting Services

1. Analyses of business and technological environments

2. Options to transformation and recommended solutions

3. Solutions for IT strategy and project road maps

4. Workload optimization and migration to cloud environments

Business Values

SAT Microsystems ensure the following benefits with our proven cloud services and strong partnerships:

  • Provide experienced knowledge in the areas of cloud migration, consultation, and support.
  • Provide comprehensive toolkits that comprise the cloud lifecycle and aid in automating assessment and planning, remediation, migration, cloud provisioning, orchestration, and management.
  • Provide a template for app migration using a set of similar vertical and horizontal blueprints.
  • Provide a rapid start to projects with well-defined schedules Conduct a pre-and post-implementation analysis of the business benefits Manage your own complete cloud lifecycle, from pre-implementation to go-live and maintenance.
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