IT operations — more than technology — are the primary source of trouble. The most significant influence on IT’s capacity to contribute to the business is through its processes. To manage a successful IT organization, you must carefully analyze your IT processes and the manner in which you manage new requirements, changes, performance, capacity, problems, configurations, assets, software versions, disasters, and security. You can address a number of high-priority IT management objectives using well-defined processes. For instance, you can build effective controls, ensuring that IT collaborates closely with business units to set project needs, synchronize the lifecycles of system development and infrastructure development, and codify a system for continuous improvement of IT services.


The IT Process domain enables the planned, controlled, and repeatable management of your IT infrastructure. It enables you to plan and organize your IT processes in a comprehensive and integrated manner, ensuring that system performance and availability are in sync with IT service promises. To manage your information technology organization effectively, you must ensure that procedures, tools, roles, and reporting are carefully planned, deployed, and maintained.


ITIL & ITSM  Services

  1. ITIL/ITSM Documentation and Processes
  2. Auditing and Reporting Infrastructure Devices
  3. ITIL/ITSM Support
  4. Performing Analysis 5. Customizing Software