Cyber Security Services

Managed Cyber Security Services (SOC)

SAT has state of art security operations center (SOC) that works on the concepts of both Opex and Capex Model to safeguard your business. We have strong processes for managed security services along with the SIEM solution which helps to combine and analyze activities from different resources across your entire organization’s infrastructure. It does this by collecting security data/logs from network devices, servers, and others.

SAT uses Splunk and Manage engine SIEM tools over and above the customer’s software’s to give an extra edge. Our 24*7 SOC facilities not only houses best of the trained staff with tight processes but are fully backed up from DR perspective.


Managed Cyber Security Services Portfolio

Managed Security Services
Managed Security Services

1. Infrastructure and applications  security management
2. Firewalls management
3. Networks/systems monitoring
4. User access management
5. SIEM configuration and security management
6. End to end business operations security management

SOC (24*7 Proactive Incident Monitoring- SIEM)
SOC (24*7 Proactive Incident Monitoring- SIEM)
  1. 24*7 Proactive Incident Monitoring (SIEM)
  2. SIEM events filtering (false positives)
  3. Correlating SIEM incidents with other tools
  4. Escalating incidents to level 2 team
  5. Analysing incidents from multiple sources
  6. Global threat monitoring and reporting





Security Incident Response and Recovery
Security Incident Response and Recovery

1. Rapid Incidents response and recovery
2.Threat investigation and crisis management
3. Vulnerabilities identification, fixing and recommending solutions
4. Reducing risk and perform regular audits
5. Structured incident management processes and implementation


Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

1. ISO 27001 Implementation
2. Audits and advisory
3. Security Policies and procedures
4. Simplifying and reducing risks
5 Swift compliance implementation

End Point Security
End Point Security

1. Multi-layer endpoint protection
2. Latest definition and patches fixation
3. Detection of end points
4. Unwanted threats Investigation and correlation
5. Real-time view of dashboards

Business Value

With our reliable IT security services and robust partnerships, we ensure you get the following benefits:

  • Complete end to end managed security services
  • Huge cost advantage with experienced security technical resources and SIEM
  • Flexibility from 1 shift scaling to 24*7 with in days
  • Go live on Opex based SOC with in 10 days with best of the processes in place
  • Rapid Incident Response, Event Investigation and forensic 24*7
  • Risk & compliance management by experienced auditors and technical  implementors for ISO 27001
Business Value

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