Managed IT Services

Automation-enabled Managed IT Services

Each enterprise is looking for ways to improve its performance while gaining an edge over competition. Automation is key to managed IT services and number of businesses have already adopted automation covering IT infrastructure solutions.

At SAT Microsystems, we own a solid managed IT automation strategy, which is agile and capable of driving efficiency. Our automated managed services simplify manual activities while it also contributes to reducing operational costs and improves process efficiencies in the long run. Together, these factors help to improve customer experience and create innovative business insights for your business. Besides, our automation-enabled managed IT  infrastructure solutions focus toward developing business strategies.



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Managed IT Services Portfolio

IT Infrastructure Support Services
IT Infrastructure Support Services

1. Managed Network services
2. Messaging services
3. Managed Storage and backup services
4. Data center management services
5. Managed Platform and virtualisation support
6. Managed Database services
7. Managed Deskside services (End point patches and upgrades, remote management)

Application Support Services
Application Support Services
  1. Level 1 end user application support
  2. level 2 application technical support and performance management
  3. Level 3 application parent vendor support and maintenance
  4. Bug analysis, fixes and deployment support
  5. Deployment and patching of application servers
  6. Platform and database support
24*7 Infrastructure & Application Monitoring
24*7 Infrastructure & Application Monitoring
  1. 24*7 Proactive Alert Monitoring & Reporting (IT infrastructure and applications)
  2. 24*7 SLA monitoring and management  (aggressive response and resolution time)
  3. 24*7 Technical service desk to manage tickets and remote support
  4. Comprehensive documentation and Reporting
Managed IT Automation Services
Managed IT Automation Services

1. Application release automation & deployment
2. Test automation
3. Hardware/service provisioning
4. Capacity management
5. End user automation
6. Service catalogue automation
7. Automating routine tasks and activities

ITIL Services
ITIL Services

1. ITIL/ITSM Documentation and Processes
2. Auditing and reporting infrastructure devices
3. ITIL/ITSM Support
4. Performing analysis
5. Customizing Software

Business Value

With our proven Managed IT services and robust partnerships, we ensure you get the following benefits:

  • Straight 60% reduction by automating Infrastructure routine tasks
  • Service window increases from 8 hours to 24 hours 7 days/week
  • Confirmed YOY cost reduction even increase in IT components
  • Reduce Level 2 support Load & focus more on complex tasks then routine activities
  • Increase front line resources productivity
  • Enhanced tasks accuracy & reduce errors for IT infrastructure operations
  • Drastically Reduce resource dependency
Business Value