What are the connections between SIEM and SOC?

SIEM is an abbreviation for Security Incident Event Management. It is distinct from SOC in that it is a system that gathers and analyzes log data. SOC is an acronym for Security Operations Center and refers to a collection of people, processes, and technology that are used to manage security events identified by SIEM log analysis.

Both sets of technology complement one another, with the SIEM examining log data in order to identify incidents that require the SOC team’s attention. The SOC analysts will review the SIEM warnings and determine whether they require further escalation. Or they are simply false positives, in which the SIEM alert is not as hazardous as expected and the SIEM system reports it inaccurately.

Challenges :

  • Lack the in-house capabilities required to keep pace with changing business demands, compliance mandates, and emerging threats for strategic implementation of new IT security solutions.
  • Tool capabilities or configuration-Don’t have the capabilities to effectively monitor and manage the security infrastructure to ensure optimal utilization of current assets.
  • Stringent processesare not in place if it is then not followed or audited.
  • In-house IT staffs spend far too much time on day-to-day operational security issues versus new strategic projects.
  • Reactive, rather than proactive, approach to mitigating risk and minimizing data loss and downtime.
  • Vulnerabilities and updates missing

Our managed security operation service offers reliable security  and flexibility to cater both operational and capex models. Even having Flexibility of only opting for Off peak hours/single shift too


SOC As a Service:

  • Go live within a week through SOC
  • Incident monitoring and response
  • Dedicated trained security experts
  • Save capital with our best-managed security solutions

Co-Managed SOC:

  • Maximize the value of SIEM
  • Customized and advance SOC proficiency
  • Enhanced operation effectiveness with our best-proven processes
  • Dedicated trained security experts

What we do in SOC?

Incident Lifecycle

  • Preparation (tool deployment)
  • Proactive Incident Monitoring
  • Incident Response & recovery

Efficient Tool Management

  • Log Management
  • Comprehensive Auditing
  • Thereat Intelligence and IM
  • Compliance Reporting