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Work From Home Services

Various travel restrictions and quarantine measures undertaken by organizations, cities and countries to combat the COVID-19 outbreak have caused uncertainties and disruptions as ‘on premises’ business operations are either suspended, being run in limited capacity or have entirely moved to a virtual workplace.

These technologies include unified communications, document management, file sharing, meeting solutions, and productivity suites

What you can do From Home

sell onlineAsset 7

Sell Online

Sell online and receive payments to your account (gateway)

local appAsset 14

Make local applications web based

Access your home grown or application from anywhere

collabrateAsset 8

Collaborate Intranet/Internet portals

Have portals for your department and organization for internal/external communications

documents approvalsAsset 13

Document approvals/Management

Move documents for approval and take digital signatures/approvals on the fly

mobile appAsset 9

Mobile App- One for all

Consolidate all in a single app and publish for all your internal and external users

train usersAsset 10

Train users

Train and educate users on new platform (online)

office extn.Asset 12

Office Extension

Bring office extension to your hand phone- perform all communications as usual calling your colleague extension or outside

request trackingAsset 6

Users/Department requests tracking

Handle user’s request of IT or other department, track through ticket management

office extn.Asset 12

Online Meetings

Organize online meetings webinars and lot more with internal and external customers

Technology we used

meetingsAsset 15

Office 365- Teams

Teams for online collaboration, customized

powerappsAsset 16

 Power apps

Published app for all services

3cxAsset 20

3cx phone system

3cx phone system for extensions and phone calls

mange engine jiraAsset 23

Manage engine/Jira

It is one way to display an algorithm that only contains conditional control statements.

azureAsset 21


use Azure for application publishing and other customized solutionsa

sharepointAsset 22

SharePoint Online

Customized SharePoint for document management and intranet/internet

SAT Services



Strategy to optimize licensing and implementation cost

train user

Train users

Train all Home users and others

setup ibx

Setup PBX online

Setup and configure PBX or call centre solution


Azure Implementation

Setup and configure Azure organization wide


Support Ongoing

Support post implementation



Migration, installation and configuration of Microsoft product suite

ticket solution

Ticketing Solution

Install and implement centralized ticketing system


Customize and Move

Customization Teams, SharePoint, exchange online, power apps etc as per industry standard/requirements