Cyber Attack Victims!

November 24, 2021

Cyber Attack Victims!

Every 35 seconds or 2,244 times each day, someone in the world is the victim of a cyber attack!

It is vital to seek the support and guidance of cyber security professionals or Cost an Arm and a Leg! 

Cyber security has become a major concern for individuals, companies, and governments. Cybercriminals are able to steal information from their victims through techniques such as phishing, hacking, or cracking passwords. There are many ways in which cyber security can be breached. 

Outsource support is an important thing for cyber security companies. It allows them to have more time for research and development instead of being stuck on basic services, such as data backup and firewall maintenance. 

SAT Microsystems offers 24/7 SOC facilities not only contain the best-trained employees with stringent processes but are also fully redundant from a disaster recovery standpoint. 

  • SOC Service (24/7 Proactive Incident Monitoring- SIEM) 
  • Response and also Recovery from Cybersecurity Threats 
  • SIEM Configuration and Security Management 

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